MECHANICAL MODEL This S.Y.L. model functions as a mechanical position indicator, and its activation can be both voluntary and automatic. Before starting the activity, it requires only one step: turning it on to activate the 12-hour timer (essential in case of coma and/or death of the injured). In times of need, the person in distress only needs to open the box. This simple operation activates the helium balloon inflation mechanism, the lighting of an LED inside, and the activation of an acoustic signal for rescue dogs. Following inflation, the balloon will rise upward, pulling along a fishing line securely attached at the end, positioning itself directly above the person requesting help, and constituting a well-visible "SOS" message because it is colored, illuminated, and acoustically audible, easily identifiable by the rescue team visually or through the use of binoculars, aerial surveys, drones, or canine units, as well as by other hikers nearby. Meteorological factors such as wind will at most have the effect of slightly moving the balloon, expanding the search radius very little. This type of device acts solely as a mechanical position indicator and offers the advantage of not depending on telephone and/or satellite technology, which still show several limitations in the most isolated and rugged mountain areas; and which, as demonstrated in several cases, are unable to guarantee the location of the missing person due to incomplete information due to altered consciousness, too large search areas, or problems related to signal distribution in different cell towers. In the case of missing persons unable to give signs of themselves, where the request for intervention is inevitably initiated directly by alarmed family members, the automatic activation of the device after a predetermined period of time constitutes a valid tool for immediate and effective retrieval, especially if supported by even generic information about the area, obtained from the family members themselves or from the cell tower connected by the subject's last call. The situations described are found both in terrestrial and marine contexts in which the device would work in synergy with a satellite mobile device and the classic flare gun. In conclusion: whatever the event that has determined the need for help, whatever the context in which one moves, whatever the condition of the injured or missing person, and whatever the geographical area, even wide, in which to conduct searches, the MECHANICAL SYL device allows the rescuer to locate the missing or distressed person as quickly as possible, and the said person to be located with certainty to promptly receive the necessary care and return home, or to be returned to the family for a dignified burial.
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