SATELLITE MODEL The model utilizes a satellite signal to allow the person in distress to send a message to the Single Rescue Center, with the geographical coordinates of their location, but what makes it absolutely new and unique in its kind are the three additional functions: 1 - FIRST DIAGNOSIS SENDING
In the case of a missing person with intact or partially compromised consciousness, it allows them to send a message that, in addition to the geographical coordinates, signals with a synthetic definition one of the 3 possible events that have determined their emergency status and thus the request for help: - LOST - Request for rescue due to being lost - FRACTURE - Request for rescue due to fracture - HEART - Request for rescue due to cardiac problem The choice of these three alternatives is based on the fact that, according to CNSAS official data, 90.0% of Alpine rescue missions carried out in 2022 were motivated precisely by these three eventualities. Knowing the status of the missing person and the reason for the request for help allows for the activation of rescue missions tailored to the specific case, with the use of personnel and means more suitable for the situation. At the time of purchase, the user will have the option to fill out a form on which they can write all their pathologies and/or intolerances in order to help the medical team implement a better approach at the time of discovery. 2 - S.O.S. SENDING
In the case of a missing person with compromised consciousness due to coma or fatal event, after a certain period of time (12 hours) has passed since its activation, the device activates to autonomously and automatically send a message that, in addition to the geographical coordinates, signals the status of MISSING - urgent rescue required. 3 - ACOUSTIC SIGNAL SENDING
Whether the message is sent directly by the person or automatically by the device, simultaneously, an acoustic signal is activated that allows search dogs to quickly and accurately locate the missing person, even in more challenging terrains. 4 - MODEL ILLUMINATION
The presence of 2 lights (one placed on the main side of the model and one placed at the rear of the model) serves to facilitate tracking by the rescue drones always used by CNSAS.
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